Northern Thai food

Northern Thai Food

    Northern Thai food are milder than those of others regions. Sticky rice is always the main dish with curries, soup, salad, sausage, chili paste and vegetable.


Khao soi    

   Curried noodle soup enriched with

coconut milk,garnished with

crispy fried wheat noodles and

served with pickles lime and

red shallots on the side.


Chicken Coconut milk Palm sugar 

Egg noodle Vegetable oil 

Spring onion Curry paste

Yum jin gai    

   10 herb and spice soup with chicken. 


Chicken Galangal

Lemongrass ShallotMushroom 

Spring onionCoriander  

Vietnamese coriander

Culantro Water Chili paste

Jor pak card    

   Tamarind soup and fermented soybean

with Chinese cabbage and pork.


Chinese cabbage

Pork spare ribs

Shallot Fermented soybean

Shrimp paste Tamarind

Water Vegetable oil Garlic

Kanom jeen nam ngew 

   Fresh noodles in northern style curry

served with fresh vegetables,

e.g. bean sprouts,long bean, pickles.

The pork-tomatocurry is a mixture of pork,

tomatoes,salted soybean, chili paste.


Fresh rice vermicelli Pork spare ribs

Pork blood Tomato

Cotton tree flowers

Salted soybean Water

Spring onion Coriander

Garlic Vegetable oil Chili paste

Nam prig ong 

   It is made with dried chilies, minced pork

and tomato; eaten with steamed and

raw vegetables,and sticky rice.


Minced pork Tomato

Spring onion Coriander

Vegetable oil Chili paste

Nam prig noom

   A chili paste of pounded large green chilies,

shallots, garlic, salt;eaten with steamed or raw

vegetables,deep fried pork skin and sticky rice.


Big green chili Shallot

Garlic Salt Spring onion

 Tam ma khua

   Paste of pounded green eggplant,shallots,

garlic, shrimp paste;eaten with steamed or raw

vegetables,boiled egg and sticky rice.


Green eggplant

Big green chili Shallot

Garlic Shrimp paste Spring onion

Hor nung moo

   Steamed glass noodle, pork,

kaffir lime leaf with chili paste in banana leaf.


Sliced pork

Cellophane noodle

Kaffir lime leaf

Coriander Spring onion

Water Vegetable oil

Banana leaf

Small bamboo pin Chili paste

Khao tom madd

   A traditional Thai dessert steam sticky rice,

coconut milk, sugar, bean,

banana in banana leaf.


Sticky rice Coconut milk 

Palm sugar Salt 

Black bean 


Banana leaf Bamboo stripe

Kaeng Hang Lay

   Famous Northern Thai curry without coconut

milk which influenced from Indian and

Burmese cuisine.

It's very popular to make in festival

or special occasion.


Pork belly
Spare rib roast 
or Blade shoulder
Roasted peanut
Shreded ginger
Hang Lay powder or Masala

powder or Curry powder
Palm suger
Tamarind juice
Fish sauce 

Larb Muang Moo

   A unique smell from Zanthoxylum limonella

in Larb chili powder cooked with minced pork

and entrails.

It's very popular to make in festival

or special occasion.


Minced pork
Pork entrails
Vietnamese coriander
Spring onion
SaltLarb chili powder 

Kour Hed Top

   Earth star mushroom is naturally grown

and harvest only once a year

in the beginning of raining season. 


Earth star mushroom
Minced pork
Kaffir lime leaf

Chili paste

Tum Ma Muang

   Sour green mango seasoning

with dried fish, palm sugar and fish sauce.

Eat with betel leaf.


Green mango
Dried red chili
Dried fish
Palm sugar
Fish sauce
Betel leaf 



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