Thai food

Thai food

     Cooking is a cultural transferred from generation to generation. Thai food has many methods on cooking such as boiling, steaming, frying, roasting, pounding with the combination of tastes such as sweet, sour, spicy, salty and creamy. The ingredients are from animal meats, rice, vegetables, fruits, herb and only small amount of oil which make Thai food different from other outstanding in the combination of nutritional values and tastes.   

     Thai cuisine is more accurately described as four regional cuisines corresponding to the four main regions of the country: Northern, Northeastern (or Isan), Central, and Southern. In addition to these four regional cuisines, there is also the Thai Royal Cuisine its refinement, cooking techniques and use of ingredients were of great influence to the cuisine of the Central Thai plains.

  Yum Wun Sen     

Glass noodle Salad shrimp&pork

is very popular amount Thai people

because it has sour and spicy taste along

with all great ingredients. 



Shrimp Minced pork Glass noodle Celery Tomato Onion Chili

Garlic Spring onion Fish sauce 

Lime juice Sugar 


むき海老 豚ひき肉 緑豆春雨 

セロリ トマト 玉ねぎ プリッキーヌ 

にんにく パクチーの大根 ネギ 

ナンプラー ライムジュース 砂糖 

Pomelo Salad (Yum Som Ou)

     Smell of mint and kaffir lime leaf in this

salad,Polmelo eat with salad dressing which

make from roasted ingredientswith taste

of tamarind juice and palm sugar make it

become one of popular menu in Thai




Pomelo Ground dry shrimp 

Mint leaf Kaffir lime leaf 

Shreded coconut Peanut 

Salad dressing


ザボン 桜えび ミントの葉 

こぶみかんの葉 ココナッツ 

砕いた ピーナッツ 


Fresh Spring Roll (Phor Phea Sod)

     Make your own rice paper and

inside a rollis blended together

with meat,vegetable and herbs.

You will also make asweet & sour dipping sauce. 



Chicken Cucumber Carrot 

Thai parsley Spring onion

Dipping sauce Rice paper 


鶏肉 キュウリ 人参 

ノコギリコリアンダー ねぎ 

スイートチリソース ライスペーパー 

 Minced Pork Salad (Larb E Saan Moo)

      Becoming popular amount Thai,

It'soriginal from the north-eastern part ofThai.

It tastes sour and spicyalso rich ofshallot,

herbs, roasted rice and chili.    



Minced pork Pork skin 

Roasted dry chili 

Roasted sticky rice Spring onion 

Thai parsley Shallot Mint leaf 

Lime juice Fish sauce Sugar 


豚ひき肉 豚皮 鷹の爪 

タイのもち米の炒ったもの ねぎ 

ノコギリコリアンダー シャロット 

ミントの葉 ライムジュース 

ナンプラー 砂糖

 Steamed Fish with Lime sauce

      Fish is really good for your health

and we steam it with lime sauce.

We eat withdipping sauce which is spicy,

sweet and salty.



Fish Chili Spring onion Garlic 

Lime juice Soy sauce


魚 プリッキーヌ ねぎ にんにく 

ライムジュース タイ醤油


 Massaman Curry (Kang Massaman)

     Smell good from herbs curry paste

and have sour taste from tamarind juice.



Chicken Coconut milk Bay leaf 

Cardamom Cinnamon Onion 

Potato Roasted peanut 

Palm sugar Fish sauce 

Tamarind juice Curry paste


鶏肉 ココナッツミルク ベイリーブ 

カルダモン シナモン 玉ねぎ 

じゃがいも ピーナツ 

椰子砂糖 ナンプラー 

タマリンドジュース カレーペースト 

Green Curry (Gang Keaw Waan)

     This curry is one of the most popular

menu in Thai restaurant. Curry paste make

from many herbs and chili

which you can control a level of spicy.



Chicken Coconut milk 

Sweet egg plant 

Bitter egg plant Kaffir lime leaf 

Sweet basil Fish sauce Palm sugar 

Vegetable oil


鶏肉 ココナッツミルク 丸なす 

小粒の丸なす こぶみかんの葉 

スイートバジルの葉 ナンプラー 

椰子砂糖 植物油 カレーペースト

Coconut Milk Soup (Tom Kha)

     Taste and smell of coconut milk always

make you feel greatalong withlemongrass,

kaffir lime and galangal orThai ginger.

The soup tastes sweet, sour,salty and creamy.



Chicken Coconut milk Galangal 

Lemon grass Kaffir lime leaf 

Mushroom Chili Fish sauce 

Lime juice Sugar Water


鶏肉 ココナッツミルク 水 タイ生姜 

レモングラス こぶみかんの葉 

キノコ プリッキーヌ ナンプラー 

ライムジュース 砂糖

 Tom Yam Soup (Tom Yam)

     Adding lemongrass and kaffir limemake

this soup rich of aroma,It tastes sour

from lime and spicy from chili which

depend on how many chili you put in.



Shrimp Lemon grass 

Kaffir lime leaf Mushroom 

Chili Fish sauce Lime juice 

Sugar Water


むき海老 レモングラス 

こぶみかんの葉 キノコ 

プリッキーヌ ナンプラー 

ライムジュース 砂糖 水 

 Pineapple Fried Rice (Khao Pad Supparod)

     This is one of very healthy Thai food.

Not only rice and pineapple,it also add

meat, onion, bell pepper, raisin and carrot

which are all good for your health.

Craving pineapple to become a bowl

make it look more delicious.



Streamed rice Pineapple Ham 

Carrot Onion Bell pepper 

Spring onion Raisin Curry powder 

Soy sauce Sugar Pepper 

Vegetable oil


ご飯 パイナップル ハム 人参 

玉ねぎ ピーマン ねぎ レーズン 

カレー粉 タイ醤油 砂糖 ペッパー 


Drunken Stri-fried seafood (Phad Key Mao)

     When you drunken you can

put all vegetable you have in this stir-fried

but Ichose the most popular ingredients

such as sweet basil, baby corn

and green peppercorn into this menu

along with seafood and big red chili.



Shrimp Squid Garlic Chili 

Big red chili Oyster sauce 

Fish sauce Sugar Water 

Sweet basil leaf Green peppercorn 

Baby corn Vegetable oil

材料:むき海老 イカ にんにく 

プリッキーヌ 赤とうがらし 水 



植物油 オイスターソース 

ナンプラー 砂糖

 Basil Stir-Fried seafood (Phad Kra Prow)

     Hot or holy basil make it smell great

along with seafood and big red chili.



Shrimp Squid Garlic Chili 

Big red chili Shallot Oyster sauce 

Fish sauce Sugar Water 

Hot basil leaf Vegetable oil  


むき海老 イカ にんにく 

プリッキーヌ 赤とうがらし シャロット 

水 ホーリーバジルの葉 植物油 

オイスターソース ナンプラー 砂糖 

 Phad Thai

     One of popular Thai food, Phad Thai

is amazing deliciousmaking you

own rice noodle and Phad Thai sauce

then fried with Tofu,pickled radish

bean spouts and chive.



Rice noodle Garlic Shallot 

Pickled radish Tofu 

Bean sprouts 

Roasted dry shrimp Chive 

Egg Palm sugar 

Fish sauce Tamarind juice 

Water Vegetable oil


米麺 にんにく シャロット たくあん 

豆腐 萌やし 桜海老 ニラ 

卵椰子砂糖 ナンプラー 

タマリンドジュース水 植物油

 Papaya Salad (Som Tum)

     Concerning very healthy food,

Papaya salad make fromgreen or

raw papaya,tomato, long bean

and it taste sour from

lime, salty and sweet.

You can eat with fresh vegetable

as a side dish which is so refreshing.



Green papaya Tomato 

Long bean ChiliGarlic Peanut 

Dry shrimp Palm sugar 

Fish sauce Lime juice  


青パパイヤ トマト 十六大角豆 

プリッキーヌ にんにく ピーナッツ 

さくらえび 椰子砂糖 ナンプラー 


 Water chestnut in Coconut milk

     A colorful Thai dessert, water chestnut

adding with 100% natural color from

a flower is served with pandan fragrance 

sweet coconut milk.



Blue pea flower 

Water chestnut Tapioca flour

Water Coconut milk Sugar 

Pandan leaf Salt


青い花 水栗 タピオカ粉 水 

ココナッツミルク 砂糖 

パンダナスリーフ 塩

 Mango with Sticky Rice

(Khao Neaw Ma Moung)

     Ripped or yellow mango itself

tastes so good. When we eat with

sweet and creamysticky rice, it's the best.



Mango Sticky rice Coconut milk 

Palm sugar Salt Tapioca flour


マンゴー もち米 ココナッツミルク 

椰子砂糖 塩 タピオカ粉 

 Coconut Juice Jelly (Wun Nam Ma Phao)

     From fresh coconut to Thai dessert,

You willsmell fresh of coconut juice

adding with lemon basil seed

and coconut meat. 



Coconut juice Jelly powder 

Coconut meat Sugar 

Lemon basil seed


ゼラチンパウダー ココナッツミート 

砂糖 レモンバジルの種 

 Banana in Coconut milk (Guay Buad She)

     We will cook a banana which is local

kind of banana widely planted

in Thai house and make pandan

fragrancesweet coconut milk.



Banana Coconut milk

Water Palm sugar Salt 

Pandan leaf


バナナ ココナッツミルク

 水 椰子砂糖 塩 



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