Thai cooking utensils & facilities

Thai cooking equipments & facilities at Small House cooking school

In Thai food, we use very common equipments such as pot to make soup, wok to make stir-fry and curry, mortar & pestle to make curry paste and salad, steamer to steam sticky rice and vegetables.

I would like to introduce you to some of the utensils that are commonly used in Thai kitchen and also used at Small House cooking school.


Rock mortar  

  Mortar & Pestle

     A rock or granite pestle and mortar is used for making curry paste or chili paste. Thai families  always have one in their kitchen and it can also be used for grinding dried spices.

     A wooden and clay mortar and pestle are used for making papaya salads, mango salad.


     The most used cooking utensil in Thai kitchen is a wok. They are very versatile and can be used for all sorts of cooking. They distribute the heat evenly and are excellent for stir-fries. 

     Woks can be made of iron, aluminum, stainless steel or brass. I like to use an iron wok and it is normally used in Thai restaurants & hotels as well. Woks come in various sizes. The size you get should depend on the portion of food you normally will be cooking each time. 

     A brass wok is quite expensive for Thai people and common use for simmering coconut milk or cooking rice flour in Thai desert because a brass wok is heat more evenly. 

Iron wok Thai
  Tamarind cutting boardPapaya shredder

 Knife & Cutting board

     A round wood cutting board. It is made from whole round tamarind tree in one piece. It is about 2 inches thick. We use it to chop a bone and mince pork, chicken, beef with a bone cleaver (knife).

     A Wave Decoration Knife is specially designed for the decoration of fruits and vegetable. The blade is made from stainless steel with razor sharp scallop edge.

     A papaya shredder is great for papaya, cucumber, mango to make a long texture by a sharp stainless steel blade.



     A steamer or double boiler is used to steam sticky rice, fish, banana leaf and vegetables. There are various types of steamers, but the most common are the aluminum steamer and the bamboo steamer.

     An aluminum steamer consist of two steamer baskets and a bottom pan. The steamer baskets consist of holes which allow steam from the bottom pan to rise to cook the food.

     A bamboo steamer is also used to drain the water out of the sticky rice after it has been soaked.

 Stainless steamer Thai

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