Khao Soi (yellow soup with egg noodle)

Khao Soi - Chiang Mai food

By ThaiCooking ChiangMai

Khao Soi (yellow soup with egg noodle) is one of the most popular dish for tourist who visit Chiang Mai. It's made from Khao Soi chili paste and coconut milk with egg noodles and chicken or beef. If you use beef it should be cut and boiled until it soft before adding to a soup.You can also add sugar, lime juice, chili and pickled cabbage. Khao Soi is available on street food vendor and restaurant throughout Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand.

It's introduced by muslim people who live in Chiang Mai. By using special spices, each house and restaurant have there own recipe so when you visit Chiang Mai, you will see many tastes of Khao Soi.

Khao Soi recipe at Small House cooking school is more creamy soup and rich of aroma.

If you plan to travel to Chiang Mai and would like to join a small & personalized cooking class. Teacher is well trained from Thai culinary school and 5-star hotel in Chiang mai.

You can see our Northern Thai cooking class from this link.

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