Water festival or Northern Thai New Year

The Water festival or Northern Thai New Year. It's also called "Songkarn" in Thai or "Phe Mai Muang" in Northern dialogue. 

The festival is set for four days in the middle of April. Each day has its different focus and activities.


What Northern Thai people do during the water festival ?


First day -- People clean their houses and prepare for the new year festival on this day. The Chiangmai Songkran parade traditionally takes place on this day involving revered Buddha images from the city's temples, floats, representative groups from the various districts of Chiangmai province, musicians, and traditionally costumed beauties all of whom are liberally drenched all along the parade route by the spectators.

Second day -- People prepare cooked and preserved food to be used in Buddhist merit making on the next day. On this day people also go down to the river to collect buckets of sand which is used to construct mold sand chedis, decorated with cut paper streamers and flowers, in the temple compound. When demolished, the sand from the chedis raises the level of the temple courtyard.

Third day -- People gathered at the wat in the early morning to offer the food prepared the previous day, fruit, new robes, and other goods to the monks. 

Fourth day -- People pay respect to elders, or people worthy of respect due to advanced age or senior position. Scented water is sprinkled over the head of the participants in the ceremony.


 Ref: http://www.chiangmai-chiangrai.com

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