Thai home organic garden  :

By ThaiCooking ChiangMai

     The benefits of having your own garden is you can have fresh, healthy and low-priced food everyday. In addition to being a source of fresh, gardening can ease stress and improve your mood as well.

     Our home garden has many kind of plants and I try to plant more and more. also use some of it in our cooking class. Instead of chemical pesticide I use wood vinegar and neem extract to prevent insect from a garden.

     I would like to encourage you to plant your own garden. You can start from using little space of your balcony. A small plant like basil, mint, culantro, coriander can grow in a pot and do not worry about consuming your time, it will take only 5 minutes per day. 

     These are plants in my organic garden some can produce all year round and some I have to plant it monthly. In Thai food, we have folk wisdom and research about Thai herb in medical application as well.      

Banana バナナ

We use its leaf to wrap food,

blossom to cook, banana fruit to eat and cook Thai dessert. We also use its inside trunk to cook and outside trunk to make rope. (Hor Nung Moo, Khao Tom Madd)




 Papaya パパイヤ

We use its young green fruit to make papaya salad and soup. When it turn yellow, we eat it as a fruit. 





Bitter Eggplant 小粒の丸なす

Its fruit has bitter taste. We put in curry, soup and chili paste. (Green curry)


 Sweet Eggplant 丸なす

We use its fruit put in curry and as a side dish for chili paste. (Green curry)


 Chili チリ

We use young green chili, red chili and dried red chili to make chili paste, curry paste and seasoning Thai food. (Papaya salad, Stir-fried basil, Green curry)


Chive ニラ

We put its leaf in stir-fried vegetable and Pad Thai.


 Galangal タイ生姜 

We use its root to make curry paste and put in soup. (Green curry, Massaman curry, Coconut milk soup) 


 Turmeric ウコン

We use its root to make curry paste and marinade Satay.


 Hot or Holy Basil ホーリーバジル

We put its leaf in stir-fried and deep fried dishes. (Stir-fried hot basil)


Kaffir lime こぶみかん

We put its leaf in curry and soup. We also use its fruit skin make curry paste. (Tom Yum shrimp, Coconut milk soup, Hor Nung Moo, Green curry, Khao soi, Sai Ouy)


 Lime ライム

We use its fruit to seasoning soup, salad and dipping sauce. (Tom Yum shrimp, Steamed fish, Minced pork salad, Coconut milk soup)


 Pandanus パンダナスリーフ

We use it leaf as natural green coloring and add aroma in Thai dessert. (Banana in coconut milk, Waterchesnut in coconut milk)


Thai Parsley or Culantro ノコギリコリアンダー

We put its leaf in soup and salad. (Minced pork salad)


Vietnamese coriander ベトナムコリアンダー

We put its leaf in soup and salad. (Yum Jin Gai)

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